Marcus shooting 308                  tnq-ammo            Marcus Luttrell and Pete Scobell firing

Team Never Quit embodies the heart of a warrior, men and women in all walks of life who have faced incredible hardship but have chosen not only to survive, but to learn from the experience and make themselves and those around them stronger for it.  Our commitment is to honor those who have fallen, stand with those who have survived, and share their stories that we might inspire others to Never Quit.

Faith. Family. Service. Sacrifice. Community. 

Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc, could not be more honored to be part of this great cause and partnered with true American Heroes who represent what the brand stands for, to bring the industry the best ammunition products on the planet. Marcus Luttrell, retired Navy SEAL, and author of NY Times best selling book Lone Survivor covering Operation Redwing,  and blockbuster movie, Lone Survivor, the TEAM NEVER QUIT™ is the creator of the brand encompassing exactly what the brand says – Never giving up. Ever. Ms. Taya Kyle, widow of retired Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, whose stories were told in the largest grossing war movie of all time, American Sniper, is also a vision of sacrifice, service, and patriotism which represents the vision of Team Never Quit.  Many others, as well as every other person who resonates with the values associated with the Team Never Quit mission are already part of this team because it is a lifestyle, a movement, and an idea which is bigger than any one person. Marcus envisioned a line of products to promote the message of the values above, and invites every like minded individual to step in and “JOIN THE MOVEMENT”. The TNQ ammunition products embody their passion for excellence and quality. Stay tuned for many new products being added to the TEAM NEVER QUIT line going forward.


Snake River Shooting Products and Team Never Quit are proud to support the Lone Survivor Foundation and you can be too! When you purchase Team Never Quit ammo, you are helping wounded veterans and their families. The Lone Survivor Foundation restores, empowers, and renews hope for our wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.


Check out the Ammunition PROMO VIDEO below!

TNQ 10mm Frang HP 20 rd box w round  TNQ 7.62x51 Sniper boxed ammunition single box2



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Drone Munition was created in conjunction with targeting aerial drone/quad copter training and range shooting systems.  In addition, the product also generates a discussion on the growing drone market in general. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, or haven’t noticed the exponential growth of drones in the skies around the country, you should start! Drones are now a $50 million industry and growing daily. The Drone Munition brand provides a cost effective solution for self defense as the Federal Government and States scramble to take action. Self defense applies whether it is a person based or machine based threat and is just as important as protecting your family! Our shot shell solutions provide a cost effective way to do just that! From standard lead free solutions to electronic defeating loads (coming soon), and extended range platform, we have the products to defend against the most sophisticated tech! As responsible drone owners ourselves, we recognize the largest threat to responsible drone fliers are irresponsible drone fliers!  Drone Munition is also a fantastic hunting load for small game, waterfowl, and turkeys!

DISCLAIMER: Federal, State, and Local laws dictate when, where, and in what situations a firearm can be legally discharged.  We are in no way condoning the use of this product for illegal activity!  Be sure to follow ALL firearm laws at all times!

Drone Munition is a Hot Topic!

Please remember that drones are aircraft and as such, are protected by the federal government. Our products are designed to be used in accordance with the law. Use your common sense, be informed and obey all laws with respect to drones and firearms.



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