We distribute for many brands of the industry’s top quality components, providing our manufacturing customers the best value solutions to their supply chain needs.



Jagemann Stamping leverages nearly 70 years of manufacturing experience to provide manufacturers with the absolute best brass, plated brass, and oxidized brass solutions across most pistol and an ever growing number of rifle calibers.


Kinetic Industries

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Kinetic Industries is a US based brass case manufacturer of rifle brass.  They specialize in high end match grade brass cases!  Their .308 match brass is available now for OEMs, and more large rifle calibers will be coming soon!


Maker Bullets


Maker bullets is pushing hunting and match bullet technology into an entirely different realm of terminal performance and ballistics.  Their attention to science and precision are unmatched by the biggest names in the industry and will provide you with the best possible “bang” for the buck option when loading top shelf hunting and competition products.

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Thank you for your interest in our component brands for your manufacturing needs. We are dedicated to increasing the viability of your supply chain for the best possible planning!

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